Interpreting Scripture

Reading the Bible is challenging. We are 2,000+ years removed from when the content was written and the time(s) it was written about. Much of the struggle in reading Scripture is truly understanding what is meant by the original author(s) rather than understanding it from our 21st Century mindset. Striving to understand Scripture from its […]

Reading the Bible – Chronologically

Reading the Bible just makes sense. Reading plans are a dime a dozen. This does not negate or lessen their value, however. But it does make for difficult decisions on which reading plan you use. This year, I’m using a two-year chronological reading plan (pdf) provided by Providence Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Concord, NC. I […]

A Gospel-Centered Manifesto Part 2

Christological Focus1 But the greatest challenge (and the greatest privilege) in preaching the Old Testament is finding the way that it points to Christ and bringing that to the congregation in a way that clearly honors the Old Testament passage and makes much of Christ. This is not a call for importing some artificial connection […]