The Truth About Christianity

Jesus Ruined My LIfe is a great little post about the meaning of being a Christian. Everyone is all for the pop-cultured American (small ‘c’) christianity. Instead of lifting Jesus up as our glorious Savior, he’s a used rung on the ladder of success to step on so those who step on him can be […]

Doubting Dawkins

Atheism has made a huge leap into the public mind. It seems that, ever since 9-11, a new breed of Atheism has come of age. One poem in particular about being an Atheist produces a few questions in my mind: If you are hungry, I will offer food. If you are thirsty, I will offer […]

Three Reasons Why I Am A Christian

Why Am I A Christian? I am sure many people out there question why anyone would be a Christian. “That’s just crazy stuff!” However, there are very real reasons why people are Christians. The very real and typical answer is by the Grace of God. Period. See . But there are other reasons which are […]