What Gospel-Centered Preaching Is and Does

Tim Keller writes, “Christ-centered preaching converts doctrinal lectures or little how-to talks into true sermons.” “The gospel brings news primarily, rather than instruction.” Keller explains, “In we learn that every single part of the Bible is really about Jesus. The Christ-centric preaching approach sees the whole Bible as essentially one big story with a central […]

Reasons Why I Would Reject Christianity

I would reject the Christian faith for the following reasons: 1. The resurrection was found falsified or a lie beyond a shadow of a doubt (). 2. There was a compelling reason for me to reject Christianity and look to another religion– vis-a-vis something better than Jesus Christ’s resurrection. We hold tight to the cross […]

Jesus: Prophet, Priest, and King in His Resurrection

John Stott once wrote, “The resurrection is God’s decisive demonstration that he had not died in vain.” Do you know what makes Christianity unique? The resurrection of Jesus. Do you know what sets Christianity apart from all other religions? The resurrection of Jesus. ‎”The resurrection of Jesus Christ is God’s public signature that all that […]