Sarcasm and Grace

Two important articles have been posted that are desperately needed today: 1) Battling Sinful Sarcasm by Lindsey Carlson. 2) Cultivating a Gracious Climate in Your Church by Jared Wilson. If you are sarcastic, you cannot exude grace. Or can you? What do you think?

eBooks to Check Out

You can get ebooks. For free! Seriously. Here are three for you to check out:   Is Jesus God? by graduates of Princeton Seminary with introductory notes by B.B. Warfield The Power of the Blood of Jesus by Andrew Murray (ePub*) The Appearances of Jesus After the Resurrection by J. Vernon McGee   *If you […]

The Invisible Change

No doubt exists that God changes you and begins transforming you at the time of conversion (). But are all changes God makes in your life visible? The oft asked question, “does your life look the same after conversion as it did before conversion?” is really the wrong question to ask. Sure, many people’s lives […]

Legal Schizophrenia

If we found on mars what we find in the womb, there would be no doubt life was discovered. – Garrett Kell The inconvenient truth to Atheism is David Attenborough’s conclusion: Humans are [a] plague on Earth. Let that sink in The law of (un)intended consequences of this kind of thinking says old people should […]

Revelation by Steve Camp

Steve Camp, yes that Steve Camp is the Teaching Pastor at The Cross Church in Palm City, FL has begun a series in Revelation. Here are the sermons: “The Victor” Rev 1:1-3 – The Prologue – November 4, 2012 The Exalted King (pt 1) – November 11, 2012 The Exalted King, Part 2 – November […]

Discussing Harry Potter

Regarding edification, things can only edify if we think rightly about them. To ask, “does it edify?” is simplistic at best. It is what we DO with the subject matter. Are we “thinking” in terms of what is right? For instance, pastors must deal with people who struggle with a particular sin. That sin is […]

Introverted Christian

Tim Challies is spot on. Hammer? Meet nail. I am an introvert. But I have to do extrovert-type things at times. However, I must prepare mentally for my non-introverted activities, and those activities tire me out. Like speaking in front of people. I don’t fear it so much as I have to prepare for it. […]